This year’s 2019 exhibition displays some marvellous embroideries. They were produced by “tiny hands”, experts with at least fifteen years’ experience whose expertise is awe inspiring …. and we should be so thankful to the men and women who have bequeathed us these masterpieces!

For centuries embroidery was regarded as a luxury and then it rapidly became used by the Haute Couture houses as a signature statement of their art.

From the middle of the 19th century until the 1970s, famous embroidery workshops, such as Lesage, Michonnet, Vermont or Brocard from Paris were used by names such as Frédéric Worth at Christian Dior.

A combination of artistic genius, originality and tried and tested techniques have kept the art alive, even today!

Let’s not forget “Whitework Embroidery” either, famous in Appenzell and Saint-Gall, Switzerland and Saxe in Germany and also in Glasgow, Scotland, Belfast in Ireland, etc.