Did you know that a study of fashion can take you on a better journey through the centuries than many history books? Each year the Château d’Ussé regales us with an exhibition of costumes from a different century! This year we are journeying back in time to the “XVIIIth Century: Fashion and Fantasy”.

There will be around twenty outfits to look at as you wander through the stairs, the Vauban Salon and the King’s Chamber. These costumes show us how fashion and silhouettes changed during the course of the XVIIIth century, in Europe.

At this time Ussé was an important centre for parties and festivities attended by statesmen, princes, artists and aristocrats accompanied by their elegant wives and children.

It was the era of embroidered dresses and silk gowns where richness, variety and fantasy were both an expression of power and an exquisitely refined means of seduction. Clothes were very expensive and fashion was above all a courtly privilege.

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